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Image-guided Robots: Flexible Thanks to Computer Vision

Robots carry out a wide variety of tasks: lifting loads, making fine adjustments while maintaining consistent quality and reliability - these are just two examples of how robots can assist humans. However, the robot's possibilities are limited by its flexibility - it is highly dependent on accurate positioning and cannot adapt to changing conditions. Computer vision reduces this limitation and extends the use of robots to many other fields of application. We at Basler are experts in the field of computer vision. We also give robots the power of sight and offer our customers compatible components such as cameras, lenses, lighting, software and cables.

News about Vision-guided Robotics

Basler Showcase: Product Highlights – See What We Have in Store for You

Basler's first ever virtual showcase will share some meaningful insight on our product highlights: ace 2, boost, Embedded Vision Kits, and GigE Interface Cards.

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Are We There Yet? The Collaboration Between Robots and Vision

This webinar is sponsored by Basler and will be held on Dec 1, Noon - 1 PM ET by RIA with Jim Baretta, as presenter. Register now for free and find out more!

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Vision Technology in Robotics - With a Sense of Sight for More Flexibility

Industrial applications benefit from robots that are equipped with additional visual senses. Such robots enable flexible use, as they can react to their environment and thus enable new applications. Where are robots with Vision Technology used? What do you need to consider?

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When Robots See – An Additional Sense for Better Performance

Machines and robots can be used more productively and flexibly if they are equipped with a sense of sight based on vision technology. What are the possible applications of cameras and image processing systems in combination with robots? What factors need to be taken into account?

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We Give Robots the Power of Sight

In many companies today, robots are already performing tasks that are difficult or impossible or very monotonous for humans to perform. They achieve consistent quality and reliability and are often faster than humans. However, the areas of application are limited, since a robot can only perform a specific task in a limited range of motion. Computer vision can make robots "smarter" and help to expand their fields of application. We at Basler are experts in the field of computer vision. We give robots the power of sight.

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