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What Is Machine Vision?

Machine vision, also known as industrial image processing, is an important tool for the optimization and automatic monitoring of production processes. Our White Paper “Industrial cameras in Industry 4.0” explains why image processing systems with industrial cameras are an essential component of automated production.

Find out about the important role that machine vision cameras play in modern factory systems today and how crucial they will be in the future for the new forms of processes and the organization of industrial production in Industry 4.0.

What Do Machine Vision Systems Achieve in Industry 4.0?

Assisted by industrial cameras, machine vision systems can measure and count products, calculate their weight or volume, and inspect goods at top speed with respect to predefined characteristics. Furthermore, they automatically extract limited, but crucial, information from huge quantities of data, or they help experts interpret images by filtering, optimizing and supplementing the image itself, or by facilitating quick retrieval and availability of the data.

Our White Paper on Industrial Cameras in Industry 4.0 answers the following questions in detail:

  • What role does image processing play in Industry 4.0?
  • How can cameras be used as tireless inspection agents?
  • How can machine vision systems make Industry 4.0 production more efficient? We explore this question with an example from the garment industry.
  • What opportunities does machine vision offer for small production volumes?

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How Does the Industrial Camera Work as the Centerpiece of a Machine Vision System?

Our Vision Campus video gives you insight into how industrial cameras function and explains why they are an important part of our everyday work.

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