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Basler dart BCON for LVDS Development Kit

Basler AG

The Basler dart BCON for LVDS Development Kit is a hardware and software reference design for integrating a Basler dart camera with a BCON for LVDS interface. It contains a dart camera module (daA2500-14bc), a MicroZed processing board based on the Xilinx Zynq®-7000 AP SoC with an integrated Dual-Core ARM Cortex A9 processor as well as additional accessories. The MicroZed BCON Carrier Card offers one BCON for LVDS interface as well as several GPIO and power options. The development kit is shipped with a pre-loaded SD card image including the Basler pylon Camera Software Suite and a preconfigured FPGA image pipeline. For camera module configuration users connect to the processing board and pylon via a remote desktop connection. Also, pylon is used for image grabbing which allows for rapid prototyping via the pylon SDK.


Camera Module
Model: daA2500-14lc
Mount: S-mount
Interface: BCON for LVDS

MicroZed 7010 SoM
Processor: Xilinx Zynq-7010
Interfaces: Gigabit Ethernet, USB Host, USB-UART, Micro SD card socket, Xilinx PC4 JTAG configuration port
Dimensions: 101,6 mm x 57,2mm

MicroZed BCON Carrier Card
Interfaces: 1 x BCON for LVDS, GPIO
Dimensions: 101,6 mm x 92,8 mm

OS: Linux
Camera Control: Basler pylon Camera Software Suite
Image Streaming: Basler pylon Camera Software Suite
Supported Standards: GenICam

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