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Customer Stories

Improving Mini-LED Production Efficiency and Yields with Basler’s Vision Components

In the AOI systems for the quality inspection of mini-LED units, the Chinese company Mento relies on Basler's high quality vision components with customized designs to deliver results.

The application of Mini-LED is ramping up as the new wave of technology in the display market. This is exciting because the technology promises improved display performance and visual appearance with greater efficiency and cost competitiveness.

The Chinese company Mento uses Basler’s vision components in its AOI system for quality control in multiple production processes of mini-LED units.

Mini-LED technology poses several unique challenges to the manufacturing process. It is necessary to inspect every pixel to identify defects and ensure uniformity. Meanwhile, to reduce material waste in the production process, coordinates information for defect location is needed to repair some of the detected defects.

In this display inspection application, high accuracy, stable performance and efficiency are of high importance. It was not only our robust and reliable ace 2 cameras that convinced the customer in this point. We helped Mento lower system costs by providing a customized firmware solution to enhance image quality instead of investing more on lenses. And together with matching and robust USB 3.0 cable and the easy-to-use pylon software, the system achieved its design goals within budget.

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