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What Lenses Are Available and How Do You Select the Right Lens for a Camera?

Our White Paper explains what you should know when selecting a lens for your camera.

Are you looking for a lens to match your camera? To produce images at optimal quality you need to be aware of some important criteria. There are also major price differences between lens models that may initially appear very similar. One thing is certain: without the right lens, even the best cameras will be unable to utilize their full potential.

Lens selection begins by looking at the mount for fixing the lens to the camera. The lens image circle is important and should match the camera's sensor size as close as possible. No less important are focal length, resolution and aperture. How do all these criteria relate to each other?

Topics that we discuss in detail in our White Paper

  • What mounts are available?
  • The relationship between image circle and sensor size
  • How to calculate focal length?
  • Different lens types and their features
  • What does resolution mean and how does it affect image quality?
  • f-numbers and aperture types
  • Which lens is suitable for which spectral range?
  • Operating distance and magnification factor
  • Conclusion

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