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Customer Stories

Improving automotive assembly efficiency with Basler’s vision components

Inside Chinese company Alsontech’s 3D robot vision system lie several Basler vision components. This vision system is widely used in automotive automation, mounted onto a robot arm to improve the whole assembly process.

Automotive assembly applications carry demanding requirements for the vision system: it needs to be flexible enough to recognize and work with all types of chassis, precise and accurate to install exhaust pipes at the exact position and equipped with a large field of view as exhaust pipes are generally long and have a reflective surface. The required accuracy for the pick-and-place robot is 99.9% and the corresponding accuracy for the 3D vision positioning system is ±1mm.

Basler’s reliable vision components have a small footprint which enables the vision system to combine perfectly with the robots, and ensures that the vision-guided robot would fit into the confined space of a work cell.

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