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Use Case

CXP-12 Components – Finding and Reading Small Data Matrix and Barcodes on Large Areas

In the production, packaging and shipping process, 1D and 2D data matrix codes and barcodes are used to always track individual components or batches along industrial processes. To capture a large package together with the small packages contained within, the CXP-12 boost camera with the XGS 45000 CMOS sensor from onsemi is suitable.

Through a large definable field of view of two by one meters and the high sensor resolution of 45 megapixels, a large area down to the small code label can be completely recorded with high accuracy per pixel. As a result, even the narrowest lines of the code are sharply reproduced with an accuracy of four pixels.

This task is solved particularly efficiently by the boost camera combined with the single-channel interface card, as together they form a precisely matching unit and are immediately ready for use without a long test phase.

Learn more details in the use case.

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