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Process and Quality Optimized Foil Manufacturing

Analysis of 40,000 lines per second, classifying and analyzing defect images, programming applications by oneself with VisualApplets and optimized quality assurance at foil manufacturing

When it comes to the manufacturing of band material such as foils it is essential to deliver an error-free quality to the end customers to avoid returns and expensive reworking. To achieve this, it is required to analyze the foil’s surfaces dependably on defects already in the production and to initiate quality-ensuring activities in time. With the inspections system by R.A.M. GmbH, Germany, in which frame grabbers and software by Silicon Software are integrated, foils can be analyzed area-wide with high resolution, detected defects be differentiated reliably and analyzed in real-time and therefore the processes in the production be optimized.

  • Supported Interfaces: CoaXPress
  • Supported Products: microEnable 5 marathon VCX-QP
  • Product Categories: microEnable 5, microEnable 5 marathon
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