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Computer-Supported Immunofluorescence Microscope by EUROIMMUN with Basler ace and Basler dart Cameras

EUROIMMUN AG develops and produces test and automation systems for medical lab diagnostics.

EUROIMMUN has substantial expertise in the areas of lab automation/software, immunology, cell biology, histology, biochemistry and molecular biology, and produces reagents for the lab diagnostics of autoimmune and infectious diseases, allergies and gene analyses. The company focuses on testing systems to detect antibodies as well as antigens and genetic markers in patient samples.

EUROIMMUN AG uses modern, partially globally patented methods and analysis technologies and is one of the leading manufacturers of medical lab diagnostics in the world. One of its key strengths is the development of diagnostic systems based on indirect immunofluorescence (IIF). Using object carriers covered with specific substrates, patient samples are incubated and, after additional washing and incubation steps, inspected for the corresponding patterns under a fluorescence microscope.

With its innovative EUROPattern system, EUROIMMUN has a product in its portfolio that can be used to automatically perform fluorescence microscopy with computer support. In addition to the precise visual and mechanical structure, the EUROPattern system uses ingenious methods of modern image processing. To provide the high quality and security required for the results in lab diagnostics, high-grade image data are essential. The software uses the data for the automatic pattern recognition and generation of suggested results for the lab physician. Matrix codes that are read by another integrated camera automatically provide the secure identification of the object carriers on which the patient samples are processed. Two Basler camera models are used in the device, a Basler ace and a Basler dart camera.

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