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How to Compare Modern CMOS Cameras?

Our White Paper shows you how to compare modern CMOS sensors. We illuminate the factors that are most important when selecting the right camera.

A growing number of industrial cameras use modern CMOS sensors. How do they differ from one another? Does performance vary between different camera types when they both have the same CMOS sensor?

Our White Paper answers the following questions for you:

  • What differences are there among camera manufactureres when it comes to integrating new CMOS sensors?
  • What differentiates "good" CMOS sensor integration?
  • What's the best way to compare CMOS cameras with the same sensor?
  • What role does EMVA data play in image quality?
  • How is the camera structured? What effect does that design have on camera dimensions, temperature development and hardware performance?
  • How can I test firmware functions and data transmission stability?
  • If the same sensor is being used, why do the products cost different amounts?
  • What other factors are in play when selecting a camera?
  • Is "DIY Integration" a good idea?

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