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Use Case

3D AOI System with CoaXPress 2.0 Components

For the demanding optical quality control of electronic parts, Basler provides matched components that support the latest CoaXPress 2.0 camera interface (CXP-12). This allows existing 3D AOI systems to be optimized and improved through a streamlined system design, resulting in higher image quality and flow rate of the produced parts.

A possible configuration of the image processing system consists of a CXP-12 head camera (monochrome or color), supplemented by strip light projectors and a frame grabber or interface card, as well as four side cameras. Previously-preferred camera interfaces for the head camera such as Camera Link and CXP 1.1.1 can be replaced with little integration effort and no further cost increases.

In addition to a higher camera resolution (e.g. 16-25 MP), a higher data throughput and a higher frame rate (e.g. 1x CXP-12: 1,200 MB/s; 2x CXP-12: 2,400 MB/s) can be achieved, which leads to significantly better measurement results with very high image quality. For example, we offer corresponding side cameras with USB 3.0 or Camera Link interface with a resolution of 12 MP and a frame rate of 90 fps.

To process image data from the head camera, the FPGA-based CXP-12 interface cards and programmable frame grabbers with 1 to 4 channels are available. These are also offered in combination with the boost camera. All components are compatible with each other and with the lighting and software.

In the Use Case you will learn what other advantages the complete system of hardware and software offers you.

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