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1" Setup with Basler ace cameras

What to consider when you switch from a 2/3” to a 1” camera system

There is a growing trend towards higher resolutions in many areas of industrial image processing. Inexpensive camera sensors with 5 or more megapixels are winning over an increasing number of users. When you switch to a higher resolution, you should keep the sensor format in mind to avoid reductions in the image quality. In our latest Product Insight, the Basler product managers Xenia Neufeld and Dominik Lappenküper explain for which applications switching to a higher-resolution sensor may be worthwhile and what you should consider in this process.

The key topics in this Product Insight:

  • The benefit of a 1” camera system
  • Sample application: Switching to a PYTHON 5000 sensor
  • Offers of 1” lenses
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