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Unique in the Market: Basler Presents 1:1 Replacement for CCD Cameras Featuring Sony's ICX618 Sensor

Unique in the Market: Basler Presents 1:1 Replacement for CCD Cameras Featuring Sony's ICX618 Sensor

Camera manufacturer Basler presents a new ace U camera model that allows for the first time a 1:1 replacement of older CCD cameras that incorporate Sony's popular but discontinued ICX618 sensor. The new model is available as a monochrome camera with GigE interface, offers VGA resolution and delivers up to 130 frames per second.

The discontinuation of the Sony ICX618 CCD sensor, which has been very popular in the market, poses a challenge for many users, as there has been no equivalent alternative for cameras with this sensor. To make it easier for customers to switch from CCD to CMOS and to offer a lean solution for this frequently used sensor, Basler is now introducing the market’s first 1:1 replacement camera with the same properties as the ICX618 sensor. Basler's new, patent-pending algorithm allows the sensor characteristics of the Sony ICX618 to be reproduced 1:1 without distorting the EMVA values of the camera. Thus, the new ace U (acA640-121gm) behaves optically exactly like the ace classic acA640-120gm based on the CCD sensor ICX618. With identical exposure scenarios, the new ace U delivers comparable gray values; at the same working distance, it delivers the same image detail and the same resolution. The camera benefits from the excellent image quality of the CMOS sensors from Sony's second Pregius generation. Users can therefore retain their optical design or system and thus reduce costs. At the same time, the replacement camera ensures long-term availability.

Basler's pylon Camera Software Suite ensures quick and easy integration of the ace U.

Design-in samples of this model are planned for Q3 2018.

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Image Caption: Unique in the market: The first 1:1 replacement for cameras featuring Sony's ICX618 CCD sensor.

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