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Basler reports business figures for 2015: Company confirms growth path

Basler reports business figures for 2015: Company confirms growth path

Sales € 85.4 million (2014: € 79.2 million, +8 %), Incoming orders € 83.0 million (2014: € 82.7 million), Pre-tax result € 9.1 million (2014: € 11.1 million, -18 %), Free cash flow € 3.6 million (2014: € 7.4 million, -51 %), Guidance for 2016: Sales € 90 – 92 million, pre-tax return rate 9 – 10 %.

Basler AG, the leading global manufacturer of industrial cameras, presented its audited annual report 2015 last week.

The group's sales increased in the fiscal year 2015 by 8 % to € 85.4 million (previous year:

€ 79.2 million). In line with the strategy, solutions business was substituted by camera business and sales from cameras disproportionately increased by 15 % compared to the previous year. During the reporting period, the German industry for machine vision components grew by 9 % (VDMA). Thus, Basler AG again gained market shares in the elapsed fiscal year.

The pre-tax result amounted to € 9.1 million (previous year: € 11.1 million, -18 %). The pre-tax return amounted to 11 % (previous year: 14 %). With these results, the upper end of the guidance previously communicated by the company has been achieved.

The cash flow from operational activity amounted to € 12.9 million (previous year:

€ 16.0 million, -19 %). The free cash flow, calculated as the sum of cash flows from operational activity and investment, reached a value of € 3.6 million (previous year:

€ 7.4 million, -51 %).

According to plan, in fiscal year 2015 additional staff was hired in order to make optimum use of medium to long term growth potentials. The high profitability and cash flow level of the previous year was deliberately reduced and invested in the company’s future.

Against the background of a solid annual result 2015, the company will propose to this year's shareholders’ meeting the distribution of a dividend of € 0.58 per share. This corresponds to a distribution ration of 30 % of the after-tax result.

For the fiscal year 2016, the Basler group expects an increase of sales to € 90 to 92 million. As far as earnings are concerned, the company is assuming a solid pre-tax return rate between 9 % and 10 % depending on the sales development.

The report can be downloaded in the investors' area .

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