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Why Use Embedded Vision, and What Advantages Do Basler Camera Modules Offer in this Area?

Why Use Embedded Vision, and What Advantages Do Basler Camera Modules Offer in this Area?

Question 1: Why embedded vision?

Answer 1: Compared to classic Machine Vision systems, embedded vision systems can offer enormous cost benefits. This doesn’t just apply to the component costs. Embedded technology opens up new opportunities. For example, it enables the production of smaller and more compact products while saving more resources. This offers technical advantages that go beyond mere cost benefits. It also opens up new applications in areas where a vision system was previously too much effort.

Question 2: What should you consider when you plan an embedded vision system?

Answer 2: Two points are generally relevant: Which embedded platform can be used? And how can a suitable camera be integrated?

In principle, it is very easy to assemble a system, e.g. with a single-board computer and a USB 3.0 camera. System on-modules are also good options for an even more compact and cost-effective solution. You should always ask yourself how easily the camera can be integrated, e.g. are the drivers/software available, or tools such as development kits, which make it easier to establish a camera connection?

Question 3: Which advantages do industrial cameras offer in the embedded area?

Answer 3: Industrial cameras and camera modules provide much better image quality than simple webcams, for example. The opportunities available in the camera configuration or camera controller are another important consideration. Many applications require exact settings, e.g. adjustable trigger options or certain image output formats with a specific bit depth. Here industrial cameras don’t just provide the technical possibilities for such features but generally also the corresponding software interfaces to appropriately adjust the application.

Question 4: Which advantages does Basler offer for embedded applications?

Answer 4: There are great advantages like the various interfaces and thus the flexible connectivity of the cameras which are in Basler’s embedded vision portfolio: In addition to USB 3.0, Basler provides LVDS-based and soon MIPI-based interfaces. This makes it possible to connect the camera modules to the optimal processing board and thus create technically optimized solutions. Basler’s program also includes the corresponding drivers and the reliable pylon Camera Software Suite for an easy integration. Another advantage of Basler cameras: Reliable industry standards, incl. long-term availability and support.

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