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Why Do 1/2.5'' Basler Lenses Often Fit Better than 2/3'' Lenses?

Why Do 1/2.5'' Basler Lenses Often Fit Better than 2/3'' Lenses?

Many lenses are designed for 2/3“ sensors. Yet the trend in sensor technology points toward smaller sensor sizes. To achieve the highest possible resolution out of these modern sensors, the ideal approach would be to use a lens with a small image circle that corresponds with the small sensor. That’s exactly what Basler Lenses have been designed for! The focal length of the lens must match the sensor size and application configuration. With a range of six different focal lengths Basler Lenses ensure that you can leverage the maximum benefit of their cost-optimized design in a multitude of applications.

To help you select the best lens for your camera, our Basler Lens Selector is just one click away.

Our Vision Campus article “How can I find the right lens” provides helpful guidance on the complex topic of lens selection.

How can Basler Lenses offer such an unbeatable price/performance ratio? Read more on that in our Product Insight “Why were they developed and how is such an unbeatable price/performance ratio possible?”

Basler offers an extensive portfolio of accessories optimally harmonized to your Basler camera. See for yourself in the Basler Original Equipment and Accessories section on our website.

Why do 1/2.5" Basler Lenses Often Fit Better than 2/3" Lenses?

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