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The New VisualApplets 3.3 Is Available Now!

The New VisualApplets 3.3 Is Available Now!

VisualApplets is the integrated development environment for real-time applications on FPGA processors in image processing. This allows FPGAs to be programmed via data flow models on a graphical user interface. The solution is used for industrial and non-industrial applications in a wide range of industries. VisualApplets provides access to the FPGA processors of image processing hardware such as frame grabbers, industrial cameras and image processing devices to realize individual image processing applications.

The new 3.3.0 release of VisualApplets includes enhancements such as six new operators, histogram and line profile functions and a new line scan camera simulation mode.

New operators

With totally six new operators, VisualApplets 3.3 allows for more efficient design techniques, speeds up your development and improves the maintainability.

Histogram and line profile features

With the new histogram and line profile functions in VisualApplets the evaluation of image quality becomes a piece of cake. Use the histogram function to display the distribution of gray values in the active image or the active line. With the line profile feature, you can easily display the intensities of pixels along a line.

Simulation mode for line-scan cameras

With the new simulation mode, you can easily and more realistically simulate images from line-scan cameras or image data temporarily converted into a line format.

We strongly recommend reading the release notes before updating VisualApplets to avoid technical complications.

VisualApplets 3.3.0 download

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