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The New Basler ToF Software Release Has Arrived

The New Basler ToF Software Release Has Arrived

Our new ToF software release (version 1.4.0) is now available to download . Besides smaller improvements in areas such as compatibility with Basler pylon software, CPU load when using the ToF Viewer, and compliance with the GenICam GenTL 1.5 standards, this release includes the following new features:

New storage possibilities in the ToF Viewer

The new release now allows you to export scatter plots, depth images, intensity images and confidence maps all at the same time and to save them as files. For documentation purposes the camera setup can also be saved.

Concurrent use of the ToF and 2D RGB camera

Capturing RGB and depth images simultaneously is used as the basis for sampling color depth images. The ColorAndToF code sample shows how you can use Basler ToF cameras together with standard GigE cameras.

.Net-Wrapper completed: Software Triggers and Synchronous Free Run

The .Net-Wrapper now maps the full feature set of the camera including PTP (IEEE1588), software triggers and synchronous free run.

The synchronous free run allows the simultaneous operation of several ToF cameras without any interference. To achieve this, the cameras are synced using PTP. The SyncFreeRun code sample shows the setup of the cameras using C#.

Conversion of Depth Images and Scatter Plots

The PointCloudFromDepthImage code sample shows how you can calculate scatter plots from a depth map. The ConvertPointCloud2DepthMap describes how you can generate depth maps from scatter plots.

Network Configuration for Multi-Camera Operation

When several cameras are triggered at the same time, network package losses can be avoided by using the Inter-Packet Delay and Frame Transmission Delay parameters.

Parameters for Camera Calibration and Lens Distortion Correction

It is now also possible to read the parameters of the intrinsic camera model, including the distortion correction coefficients.

You can find a complete overview of the new pylon features in the pylon Release Notes.

Download the new Basler ToF software here

If you have questions or need further information, please don't hesitate to contact our Basler Support Team at any time.

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