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Rapid Portfolio Expansion and a First-of-its-kind Sharpening Feature for Basler´s Microscopy PowerPacks

Rapid Portfolio Expansion and a First-of-its-kind Sharpening Feature for Basler´s Microscopy PowerPacks

The Basler PowerPacks for Microscopy get a rapid portfolio expansion. We are supplementing our plug-and-play package for microscopy applications with new camera models including the latest CMOS sensor technology by Sony´s Pregius sensors and PYTHON sensors from ON Semiconductor.

The new Microscopy ace camera models offer high resolutions and rapid speeds. The Microscopy ace 3.2 MP and Microscopy ace 5.1 MP are equipped with Sony´s high-quality Pregius sensors that provide a speed of up to 55 images per second. The Microscopy ace 1.3 MP 160 and Microscopy ace 1.3 MP 200 with ON Semiconductor´s sensors reach even higher speeds of up to 200 images per second and are therefore particularly suitable for the analysis of fast moving objects such as in spermatology.

With our updated microscopy software, a first-of-its-kind sharpening feature can optimize the image for depth of focus. Thanks to a patented algorithm, the user can bring more sharpness into the entire picture. Usually, when the magnification is high, the user must choose one depth level to put in focus, leaving other image areas blurred. Unlike other manufacturers´ products, this in-camera image optimization feature works without affecting the speed of the camera or the real-time image transmission. The new software version is now available for all Basler PowerPacks for Microscopy.

In addition to these upgrades, the white balance has been improved to make the white color appear even more pure and radiant. Thus, research objects are better represented during documentation or publication.

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