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5 Mar 2019

pylon Camera Software Suite 5.2.0 – New Features

pylon Camera Software Suite 5.2.0 – New Features

The pylon 5.2.0 release for Windows und Linux includes the following new features:

C++ Universal Static API:
Looking to increase your programmers’ productivity and decrease total project costs? No problem! With the new pylon C++ universal static API this is even easier than before. The benefits in a nutshell:

  • A single camera class for all Basler cameras, independent of their interface
  • Easier use of multiple cameras with different interfaces in a single application
  • Easier camera parameter access as class members are provided for all camera features
  • Quicker camera configuration thanks to advanced helper functions
  • Complete support of the IDE auto-completion functionality
  • Links to the integrated Basler Product Documentation
  • 100% backwards compatibility to existing native static classes, e.g. for GigE and USB 3.0 cameras

Sharpness Indicator
With the new Sharpness Indicator in the pylon Viewer, focusing your lens becomes a piece of cake! Simply define the area of interest you want to focus your lens on. Cycle through the entire focus range of your lens by turning the focus ring to its minimum and maximum positions. Eventually find the perfect focus for your lens based on the sharpness measurement of the pylon Sharpness Indicator.

GigE Action Commands
Save costs on trigger cables and still get precise triggering and perfect synchronization of multiple GigE cameras.
With the Action Command and Scheduled Action Command (PTP, IEEE1588) camera features and the pylon Camera Software Suite, this challenge can be solved with ease. The new Action Command pane in the pylon Viewer is designed to help beginners as well as experienced developers easily evaluate Action Commands and Scheduled Action Commands, and implement them in their own applications.

Vignetting Correction
Using larger-sized and expensive lenses to get rid of vignetting artifacts?
With the new Vignetting Correction camera feature and the pylon Camera Software Suite you can make use of smaller size and low-cost lenses and still avoid vignetting artifacts. Simply let the pylon Viewer calculate the correction values and save them in the camera.
Note: The Vignetting Correction feature is available on selected ace U and ace L camera models only.

Color Calibrator for MED ace cameras
The new Color Calibrator in pylon Viewer guides you through the process of color calibration so that you can fully utilize Basler’s powerful 12-bit color pipeline inside the MED ace cameras. The calibration process makes use of all the powerful camera features such as Auto Gain, Auto Exposure, White Balance, Color Transformation Matrix, Color Adjustment (Hue, Saturation) and Gamma to reach the perfect color calibration with just a few clicks!

With these new features, we hope that our customers and users will find it easier to cope with some of the challenges and pitfalls of practical use.

You will find a complete overview of the new pylon features in the pylon Release Notes .

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