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Powerful Feature Set: New PGI Video

Powerful Feature Set: New PGI Video

The PGI feature set from Basler consists of a unique combination of 5x5 Debayering, Color-Anti-Aliasing, Denoising and Improved Sharpness. PGI is an innovative, powerful in-camera image optimization that improves your images at the full speed of the camera.

Learn more about PGI in our new video. Here you’ll see in a side-by-side image comparison how PGI gets the optimum out of your images.

The PGI feature set is available in dart and pulse color cameras and in all ace color camera models with sensors from the Sony Pregius series or PYTHON sensors from ON Semiconductor.

Our PGI feature set was recently awarded the Vision Systems Design Innovators Silver Award. Click here for more details.

More information can also be found on our PGI website .

If you'd like to explore the functionality of the PGI feature set in greater detail, please read our White Paper.

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