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New Firmware Features for Cameras in Traffic Applications

New Firmware Features for Cameras in Traffic Applications

The powerful firmware feature set PGI is available in our latest camera models. It is an in-camera image optimization which improves your images without reducing the camera's speed. The new PGI feature set is featured in all dart and pulse camera series as well as in ace camera models with Sony’s IMX sensors and PYTHON sensors from ON Semiconductor.

PGI is a harmonized combination of four features: Improved Sharpness, Denoising, Color-Anti-Aliasing and 5x5 Debayering. You'll get optimized images in your traffic applications, such as ANPR, enforcement, tolling and in-vehicle, directly from your camera without adding additional processor load.

How does the PGI feature set work?

The interpolation algorithm has been adapted for the image structure, allowing the PGI feature set to deliver significantly improved sharpness, with the option to pursue further improvement via a supplemental sharpness factor. This is a particular benefit for applications in which letters and numbers must be processed. At the same time, a noise suppression algorithm also improves the image's noise characteristics. This is of particular help for applications that must work in low light conditions, such as traffic monitoring applications.

Cameras typically come standard equipped with 2x2 debayering, whereby neighboring pixels are used to calculate the actual colors within an image. This can lead in some cases to uneven edges between colors and other artifacts. The 5x5 debayering used in the PGI feature set delivers better defined transitions between colors and minimizes artifacts. Beyond this, conventional debayering algorithms can easily lead to color errors, which Basler's newly developed PGI debayering can correct.

Customer benefits that result from the PGI Feature Set in the Traffic and Transport sector:

Low processor load, as the images are processed directly in the camera, better identification results in ANPR applications and significantly better image quality.

Our White Paper "Better Image Quality with Basler PGI" gives a full range of details on the new feature set.

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