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Improving Automotive Assembly Line Efficiency with 3D Robot Vision Powered by Basler

Improving Automotive Assembly Line Efficiency with 3D Robot Vision Powered by Basler

The system has high speed, high precision, and produces targeted results. Thanks to its small footprint, the robust vision system works perfectly with the robots on Volkswagen’s assembly line to install exhaust pipes onto the car chassis.

The automotive assembly application is challenging because there are different types of car chassis, and it is important for the vision system to be flexible enough to recognize and work with all types. High precision is also needed, as the exhaust pipes must be installed at the exact position. The required accuracy for the pick and place robot is 99.9 % and the corresponding accuracy for the 3D vision positioning system is ±1mm. Additionally, exhaust pipes are generally long and have a reflective surface, creating a need for vision systems which have a large field of view.

The 3D vision system developed by Alsontech uses two Basler ace 2.3 MP cameras together with their own laser imaging technology and software, to introduce vision into advanced assembly lines and reduce overall production costs. This 3D vision solution also has a small footprint, ensuring that the vision-guided robot would fit into the confined space of a work cell.

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