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Easy to Connect: Embedded System Company Critical Link Develops Adapter Board for Basler dart BCON Camera Module

Easy to Connect: Embedded System Company Critical Link Develops Adapter Board for Basler dart BCON Camera Module

Embedded vision systems often contain a board level camera connected to a so-called system on module (SoM), which represents the computing unit of the system. To provide physical interfaces between the very compact SoM and other external components, such as a camera module, an individual base board is needed. This board is usually designed to fit the respective application. Design and manufacturing of base boards is usually straightforward, which makes the SoM/base board approach very appealing.

Critical Link, a member of Basler’s Partner Network , is an embedded systems engineering company with extensive experience in FPGA programming and electronic system design for a wide range of applications.

One of Critical Link’s embedded processing products is the MitySOM®-5CSX Development Kit, which contains a SoM based on an Intel®/Altera Cyclone V SoC and a base board that allows the user to choose from a variety of sensors and communication interfaces. The MitySOM-5CSX is used in a variety of applications in the areas of factory automation, autonomous vehicles, digital signage, machine vision, and many others.

For the new bundle containing a Basler dart BCON camera module, Critical Link used their expertise to develop an adapter board for two dart BCON cameras that can be plugged directly onto their development kit’s base board. Through this solution, engineers of embedded systems receive a production-ready embedded vision solution that leverages the flexibility and acceleration capabilities of FPGA-based system designs. Furthermore, the implementation of the camera module on the software side is based on Basler’s pylon Camera Software Suite, the easy-to-use SDK. Hence, the user can reuse code that was previously written with pylon. New pylon users have the advantage of being able to change dart BCON camera models easily.

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