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Detecting Small Barcode Labels on Large Areas

Detecting Small Barcode Labels on Large Areas

In the production, packaging and shipping process, 1D and 2D data matrix and bar codes form the basis for continuous tracking of packages. One challenge for vision systems is to find and decode the small codes on large packages as well as small packages inside. The Basler boost camera with high-resolution 45 MP XGS sensor and CXP-12 interface solves this task excellently through a large definable field of view of e.g. two by one meter. Combined with the single-channel CXP-12 interface card 1C, the application also benefits from low latencies, a low CPU load, and high data throughput.

The boost camera captures all packages on a pallet together with their codes in one go with an accuracy of four pixels even for the narrowest lines of the code. This is sufficient to identify the codes and read them out at the same time. For the use case presented here, a less expensive interface card is sufficient instead of a frame grabber. It transmits 12.5 Gbps per channel and is available at a particularly low price together with the boost camera.

All CXP-12 components can be obtained from Basler and be easily installed and operated using the Basler pylon Camera Software Suite as a single SDK.

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