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CoaXPress 2.0 Solutions for Modern Gene Sequencing

CoaXPress 2.0 Solutions for Modern Gene Sequencing

Using the latest gene sequencing methods such as NGS (Next Generation Sequencing), even subtle differences in the structure of the genetic material can be detected and evaluated. To determine the genetic information of a cell, gene sequencing “reads” the sequence of the components known as bases on a DNA strand. Since each cell contains almost two meters of DNA, this is a laborious and complex task. The image processing system makes it possible to analyze the wavelength and intensity of the fluorescence emission on the images and thus determine each respective base through its fluorescence signal.

Image processing allows manufacturers of sequencing devices to visualize the small building blocks of life very quickly and with great accuracy. This requires an image processing system that outputs sharp images with excellent quality, high resolution and low image noise. The best results in terms of high data throughput and image quality are delivered by a system with the latest CoaXPress interface.

Basler provides all the necessary components with the CoaXPress 2.0 interface such as camera, interface cards, frame grabbers, and other accessories for the vision system.

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