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Basler Cameras by Comparison: Better Images, Lower Price with the Basler ace acA1300-200um

Basler Cameras by Comparison: Better Images, Lower Price with the Basler ace acA1300-200um

Basler cameras offer outstanding image quality at a terrific price/performance ratio. Yet how do they fare in direct comparison with competitor's cameras? We tested this using our ace acA1300-200um with the PYTHON 1300 sensor from ON Semiconductor against two competitors' cameras with the same sensor. The prerequisites were the same for all cameras, yet the units ultimately produced at times significant differences in terms of image quality.

Identical Sensor, Different Image Quality

The sensor alone is no guarantee of a good image. It always depends on how the camera supports the sensor performance. For our head-to-head test, we pitted one of our ace cameras – the acA1300-200um – against two cameras from our competitors, all under identical conditions. All three cameras were outfitted with the PYTHON 1300 sensor from ON Semiconductor. The test results show that in many cases there are broad disparities in the image quality of the three tested cameras despite having the same sensor. While the images from the competitors' cameras showed streaking and heightened noise, the ace delivered the most homogeneous images.

Read our test report for more information on our testing methods and the results . More information about the ace acA1300-200um and other ace models with PYTHON sensors from ON Semiconductor can be found here: . More information about the image quality in general and which factors impact it most can be found in our Vision Campus Video "What is Image Quality?"

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