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ace 2: Shorter Interframe Times Thanks to High Speed Burst Mode

ace 2: Shorter Interframe Times Thanks to High Speed Burst Mode

Usually, the specified maximum frame rate of a camera also determines the minimum time that can be achieved between two consecutive images (interframe time). However, the interframe time is often only limited by the interface bandwidth (GigE, USB3.0). This means that the data cannot be transported to the host PC fast enough.

Basler's new High Speed Burst Mode allows users to bypass the limitations of data transfer by temporarily storing images in the camera's internal memory for a limited period of time, thus capturing a whole bundle--a "burst"--of images faster than in regular operation. In this way, the sensor speed can be fully exploited--at least temporarily. The new feature is now available on all ace 2 Basic and Pro cameras.

If you use the High Speed Burst Mode with the a2A1920-51gmBAS, for example, it is possible to achieve an interframe time of about 5 to 6 ms. Without this feature the interframe time is limited to about 20 ms.

The High Speed Burst Mode is particularly suitable for applications where fast-moving objects need to be inspected, such as fruit sorting on a high-speed conveyor belt.

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