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The New Time-of-Flight Camera: Precise, Easy and Fast 3D Imaging with Basler blaze

The New Time-of-Flight Camera: Precise, Easy and Fast 3D Imaging with Basler blaze

The Basler blaze camera is a 3D camera with integrated optics and GigE interface that operates on the time-of-flight principle and is fully calibrated. It captures scenes and objects at a glance in their spatial dimensions and without any moving components, such as laser scanners. This makes the blaze camera particularly robust and suitable for a variety of applications, such as robotics, industrial automation, logistics and medicine, as well as in many areas of the "Smart Factory". The modern Sony DepthSense™ IMX556 sensor integrated in the Basler blaze enables significantly more precise and accurate 3D imaging.

The Basler blaze camera is especially well-suited for the following applications:

Typical applications Your benefits with Basler blaze
Freight dimensioning
In order to plan and optimize space and costs in a warehouse or transport vehicle, it is important to know the weight as well as the exact size of the pallets and packages.
Its precision, speed, robustness, compact size and GigE interface make it ideal for precise, flexible pass-by measurements. When color is needed, it can be combined and synchronized with all Basler 2D cameras.
Next-day delivery and mixed pallets require fast and intelligent palletizing robots to pack items close to one another on one pallet. Machine vision is required to guide the robot.
The camera data helps to determine the shape, position and orientation of the object to be picked and to find the best lifting point. The robustness, compact size and light weight allow mounting of the camera on the robot arm.
Autonomous vehicles & mobile robots
Navigation, obstacle detection and fine positioning during docking and recording require a complete view of the surroundings in high resolution.
blaze captures the entire scene with a good range and in real time, both in daylight and without light at all. Its compact, robust and reliable design allows an easy integration. The built-in, powerful processor also minimizes CPU load on the vehicle controller.
Item counting
Counting objects in a package and checking for completeness help prevent customer dissatisfaction.
blaze provides perfect data for counting, independent of color and contrast, and without an additional light source.
Patient positioning in radiology
The exact position of the patient has a decisive influence on the quality of an X-ray image.
The precision of the blaze camera enables the automatic, almost millimetre-accurate positioning of patients and thus sharp and stable X-ray images. The advantages: minimal radiation dose for patients and little effort for medical-radiological personnel.

The first design-in samples of the Basler blaze 3D camera are scheduled for September 2019, with the start of series production for the end of this year.

How does a ToF camera work?

The measurement principle is based on the time the light needs to travel from the light source to the object and back to the camera; the further the distance, the longer the time taken. Both light source and image acquisition are synchronized in such a way that the distances can be extracted and calculated from the image data.

Our ToF White Paper offers you a deeper introduction to time-of-flight technology.

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