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Basler Partner Network

Does your application need an embedded vision solution? Are you still wondering who could combine system hardware and software? Do you need help integrating vision into your application? No matter which field or market you’re specializing in, the Basler Partner Network can help!

Basler’s Partner Network connects companies specializing in hardware, software, technology topics, and integration services to deliver embedded vision solutions for a variety of applications and markets. As a leading global manufacturer of industrial cameras with almost 30 years of vision expertise, we know that today's customers need complete solutions, not just single components. In addition, the demand for embedded vision systems is growing steadily due to smaller size, fewer components, and reduced total cost of ownership. However, when creating an embedded vision system, initial setup can be complex and expensive, requiring expert knowledge in embedded hardware and software technology and system integration. The Basler Partner Network connects specialized companies to combine different areas of expertise, making the design flow as lean as possible and to provide for smooth and efficient system integration – offering you complete and affordable embedded vision solutions.

One Step Further – Imaginghub Online Community Portal

The Imaginghub is a web-based collaboration and information portal, where engineers meet to work on joint embedded vision projects and share their knowledge and reference designs. By supporting each other on Imaginghub, Basler and our partners combine our hardware, software, and expertise to provide you with the best embedded vision solution for your application and have it installed at your site by locally-operating system integrators. Learn more at