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Embedded Bildverarbeitungsanwendungen erfordern Softwarealgorithmen, die speziell auf die eingesetzte Embedded Hardware angepasst sind – sei es ein FPGA-Board oder ein Processing Board (ARM oder Intel). Unsere Softwarepartner verfügen über hervorragendes Bildverarbeitungs-Fachwissen und entwickeln spezielle Software für Embedded Bildverarbeitungsanwendungen mit Basler Kameras. Diese Anwendungen sind auf verschiedene Märkte ausgelegt wie zum Beispiel Retail, Medical & Life Sciences, Sicherheit und Überwachung oder Fabrikautomation.

Auf dieser Seite finden Sie eine aktuelle Liste unserer Softwarepartner.

Haben Sie spezifische Anforderungen oder Fragen hinsichtlich der Software für Ihre Anwendung? Fragen Sie uns und wir werden Ihnen das für Ihre Anfrage geeignete Partnerunternehmen vermitteln.

  • Advantech Embedded IoT

    Embedded Computing and IoT Solutions
    Logo - Advantech

    Today's embedded devices have the ability to communicate, transforming simple dedicated devices into, “Interconnected Smart Devices”. In the Internet of Things (IoT) era, where wireless network is everywhere, intelligent systems require more and more storage and memory. Already, many kinds of I/O sensors for smart city applications are creating more convenient, efficient and safer urban environments. Advantech provides a wide range of reliable wireless solutions for M2M communication including Bluetooth, Wifi, 3G/LTE and GPS modules. Edge computing platforms are also available with WSN and IoT gateways.

    Headquarters located in the Netherlands


    More information on Advantech Embedded IoT
  • Au-Zone Technologies Inc.

    Embedded machine learning and GPU accelerated machine vision tools and software provider.
    NEW: Au-Zone Technologies Inc.

    Au-Zone Technologies is a leading provider of development tools, engineering design services, and enabling IP used for the design of intelligent embedded vision products and solutions. By utilizing our development tools (eCV SDK and DeepView IDE) we enable engineering teams to quickly develop and deploy hardware accelerated computer vision algorithms and novel Convolutional Neural Networks on heterogeneous compute devices.  Through our engineering consulting engagements and turnkey product development services, we help our clients lower development costs, mitigate program risk and shorten time to revenue when designing new vision enabled products.

    Headquarters located in Canada


    More information on Au-Zone Technologies Inc.
  • NEW: byteLAKE

    We are specialists in Machine and Deep Learning.

    We are specialists in Machine and Deep Learning and help enterprises embrace the power of Artificial Intelligence.

    byteLake gives machines the ability to learn and become smart. We transform computers into intelligent machines by enabling them to identify objects, analyze scenes and activities in real-life visual environments. We build intelligent software for all sort of edge devices and have a massive experience in porting, developing and optimizing software for supercomputer platforms (HPC).

    We help combine data, business objectives and domain expertise with cutting edge AI techniques.

    Headquarters located in Poland


    More information on byteLAKE
  • Calipsa

    Deep Learning, Enhanced Vision

    Calipsa is a machine learning (AI) based software platform designed to automate the analysis, enumeration and reporting of video footage. The core engine is adaptable to include real time CCTV video monitoring for traffic enforcement, incidents / accidents or public disorder. The Software processes uploaded video material to be metatagged for analysis and can output an audit report and annotated video to aid statistical reporting.

    Headquarters located in UK


    More information on Calipsa
  • NEW: Cumulocity GmbH

    Cumulocity is the provider of world leading IoT-Platform, suitable for any industry.

    Cumulocity IOT Platform is designed for Internet-of-Things (IoT) / Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions. An IoT/ M2M solution enables an end-user, for example an enterprise customer, to manage and control remote assets that are equipped with sensors (such as GPS devices, electricity meters and humidity sensors) and actuators (such as switches and valves). In addition real time data analytics is used to implement business rules for specific application use cases.

    The platform has been designed right from the beginning as cloud software. One of the key advantages for end users is that they do not have to provide own, dedicated computing resources for their IoT/M2M solution. Cloud also means no or significantly lower up-front investments, and very fast deployment. The platform is offered as fully managed service and accessible through common Internet

    browsers on computers, tablets or smart phones. While the terms IoT and M2M have different meaning in the industry, Cumulocity platform is used for both areas, IoT and M2M. In the remaining document, the term IoT will be used to simplify reading.

    Headquarters located in Germany


    More information on Cumulocity GmbH
  • Cybus GmbH

    Linking Industry and Internet
    Cybus GmbH

    Founded in 2015 in Hamburg, Cybus develops a smart networking solution for industry 4.0 and the "Industrial Internet of Things" (IIoT). Cybus enables innovative industrial equipment manufacturers to provide its customers from manufacturing and logistics data-driven value-added services, such as remote monitoring or predictive maintenance. The Connectware meets the highest security and data governance requirements, so that factory operators are able to optimize their production and at the same time retain full control of their data.

    Headquarters located in Germany


    More information on Cybus GmbH

    The Eyes Of Your Business
    Logo - Eikeo

    Eikeo develops and manufactures leading-edge digital signage solutions that include anonymous facial recognition for audience measurement, targeted digital advertising and interactive applications. Fullfilling a 10 years experience in the DOOH, EIKEO designs solutions taylored to the specific needs of its customers. The exclusive embedded technologies garantie the revenues maximization of the deployed networks.

    Headquarters located in France


    More information on EIKEO
  • Irida Labs

    Irida Labs is an embedded computer vision company bringing visual perception to any camera.
    Logo - Irida Labs

    Irida Labs is a computer vision and machine learning technology company. We develop software products using sophisticated image processing and machine learning techniques. With our heterogeneous programming methods, our solutions are applicable to any CPU, GPU or DSP. Our product and technology portfolio delivers innovative, optimized computer vision solutions while being mindful of power consumption, memory constraints and processing speed for a diverse set of applications including mobile cameras, drones, automotive systems, surveillance systems and industrial and robotic vision systems.

    Headquarters located in Greece


    More information on Irida Labs
  • Kii Corporation

    Cloud Platform for Connected Things
    Logo - Kii

    Kii is focused on addressing the high-performance demands of innovation in the connected world with an end-to-end cloud platform optimized for the IoT. Since 2007, our organizational DNA has been in serving the world’s largest carriers with connectivity, scale, stability and performance. By extending our platform and global business expertise to device manufactures and startups, we help today’s disruptive technologies become tomorrow’s household names.

    Headquarters located in Japan


    More information on Kii Corporation
  • MVTec Software GmbH

    Building Vision for Business
    Logo - MVTec Software GmbH

    MVTec is a leading manufacturer of standard software for machine vision. Our products are used in all demanding areas of imaging.

    We have many years of experience with HALCON Embedded – porting HALCON on a customized basis to embedded platforms, such as Android, BeagleBoard-xM, and DragonBoard, as well as other embedded systems. Since the release of version 13.0.1, HALCON supports ARM®-based platforms as a standard. Therefore, HALCON is readily available for a wide range of ARM-based platforms running the Linux operating system without the need for customized porting.

    Headquarters located in Germany


    More information on MVTec Software GmbH
  • Nerian Vision Technologies

    Systems for real-time 3D stereo vision
    Logo - Nerian Vision Technologies

    Nerian Vision Technologies is a young start-up that specializes in the development, production and distribution of systems for real-time machine vision. The current focus of our work is on the extraction of depth data from stereoscopic images. By leveraging this technique, a pair of ordinary cameras can be turned into a rich 3D sensor.

    Headquarters located in Germany


    More information on Nerian Vision Technologies
  • Pinnacle Imaging Systems, Inc.

    Logo - Pinnacle Imaging Systems, Inc.

    Pinnacle Imaging Systems developed a color system that powers the next-generation of high dynamic range (HDR) imaging devices and HDR software. A significant improvement over current industry standards, Pinnacle Imaging Systems's Beyond RGB patented, fully scalable color system is based on actual human vision. Their digital imaging platform provides a comprehensive toolset to process HDR images from start to finish, in a 32-bit precision color space.

    Headquarters located in the United States


    More information on Pinnacle Imaging Systems, Inc.
  • relayr

    The Global Connector
    Logo - relayr

    relayr is an IoT company for the Digital Transformation of Industries. We provide a device, hardware and sensor-agnostic enterprise middleware platform, and powerful, simple-to-use tools which enable fast and cost effective development of new solutions, equipment and services for the Internet of Things.

    Headquarters located in Germany


    More information on relayr
  • Sightcorp

    Face Analysis Technology
    Logo - Sightcorp

    Sightcorp is an independent spin-off from the Intelligent Systems Lab at the University of Amsterdam, co-founded by Dr. Roberto Valenti (CTO, inventor), and Dr. Theo Gevers (CSO, professor in computer vision). Sightcorp technology is based on a solid scientific foundation that relies on more then 15 years of R&D in the automatic analysis of faces and human behavior.

    We are developers, researchers and visionaries united by a common passion for impacting people’s lives through advanced technologies.We are pioneers in the real-time measurement of facial expressions like happiness, anger and surprise, combined with age, gender, ethnicity, head gaze and precise eye tracking functionality.

    Headquarters located in the Netherlands


    More information on Sightcorp
  • Smilart UG

    Creator of robust facial biometry solutions.
    Logo - Smilart UG

    Smilart is a company that develops unique algorithms and methods for facial biometry. Our solutions are used by private and govermental customers in several countries. Smilarts uinique feature is real-time face recognition in non cooperative scenarios. Smilart was founded in 2009 in Moscow, Russia. In 2016 it's headquaters has been moved to Stuttgart, Gemany.

    Headquarters located in Germany


    More information on Smilart UG

    S O NAH develops an optical sensor platform, which can be trained to solve urban challenges.
    S O NAH UG

    S O NAH develops an optical sensor platform, which can be trained to solve urban challenges like reducing parking traffic and energy consumption of streetlights. S O NAH sensors can be flexibly integrated into any infrastructure (e.g. streetlight), building or product. Our SaaS solution can be implemented into any image processing technology (e.g. existing CCTVs).

    By merging sensor data with open data we deliver a machine learning based prediction model.

    Headquarters located in Germany


    More information on S O NAH UG
  • Sphericam Inc.

    Sphericam video cameras
    Logo - Sphericam

    Sphericam represents the cutting edge of 360º VR video cameras. A range of prosumer and professional no compromise content capture tools and unparalleled industry knowledge, make Sphericam the go-to brand for quality immersive video production in Cinematic, Creative, Broadcast and Live production.

    Headquarters located in the USA


    More information on Sphericam Inc.
  • Twenty Billion Neurons GmbH

    To ease the creation of computer vision systems TwentyBN provides versatile software tools powered by Deep Learning.
    Logo - TwentyBN

    TwentyBN offers software to analyze images or videos where a great variety of objects have to be detected in uncontrolled environments: it is robust against changes in lighting, partial occlusions and deformed objects. The advantages over traditional CV techniques become most obvious in applications like outdoor plant grows inspection, waste sorting or satellite image analysis. For that deep learning techniques are employed, which replace extensive programming by training the system with samples images. TwentyBN supports their customers during their design, prototyping and development phases.

    Headquarters located in Germany


    More information on Twenty Billion Neurons GmbH
  • Videmo Intelligente Videoanalyse GmbH und Co. KG

    State-of-the-art face recognition technology
    Logo - Videmo Intelligente Videoanalyse GmbH und Co. KG

    Videmo Intelligent Videoanalysis is an innovative company providing software systems and solutions in the field of automatic image analysis. Our main expertise is the creation of software solutions for face detection, analysis and identification. These solutions are used in multiple application fields such as surveillance and security, market research, digital signage and multimedia analysis. They are based on our in-house developed algorithms which are constantly being improved to meet highest standards even under difficult conditions or with low resolution images.

    Headquarters located in Germany


    More information on Videmo Intelligente Videoanalyse GmbH und Co. KG
  • Xylon

    FPGA/SoC experts for video, vision, and more
    Logo - Xylon

    Xylon is an electronic company focused on design of optimized IP cores for Xilinx All Programmable devices, and design services that lower production costs and improve efficiency of electronics designers. Xylon logicBRICKS™ IP core library seamlessly blends with the Xilinx implementation tools, enables customers to shorten development time and keeps them ahead of competition. Founded in 1995, Xylon has more than 20 years of expertise in the fields of embedded vision, video and image processing, and graphics. Xylon is a Premier Member of the Xilinx Alliance Program and ISO9001 certified company.

    Headquarters located in Croatia


    More information on Xylon