The Trouble with Team Foundation Servers


ok, I admit it: Like all software, our software has bugs in. (Let’s see if that sentence gets edited out before publishing :) ) We test everything according to the textbook (Continuous Integration and all that) and fix all that we find before we release – but those bugs seem to get in somewhere.

Therefore we have a change request management system (sounds better than bug tracking). At the moment it’s based on StarTeam from Borland/MicroFocus and its not Windows 7 compatible. Or 8, 9 ,… we had to hack the installation to get it on the computers. So we decided to change. After a semi-democratic process we chose Team Foundation Server (TFS) from Microsoft.

So here we are setting up the server and stuff with our IT-department. Then I grab the job for installing the workflow processes. Everything works fine for the Scrum process – then I try the CMMI process and get the following message:

The best bit is the penultimate sentence:

The reason for the failure cannot be determined at this time.

which begs the question: At which time can it be determined? Creative error message – I have to remember that one for our software. So no CMMI process. I went to our head of project coordination to explain we can only do things under Scrum now (blamed Microsoft of course). He wasn’t impressed and told me to solve the problem. Clicking on the link “Show me the brutal truth” opened up a very long debug log. After going through the log I found it:

Inner Exception Details:

Exception Message: TF249033: The site template is not available for the locale identifier (LCID). The site template name is: VSTS_MSF_CMMI. The LCID is: 1033. (type SoapException)SoapException Details:
Exception Stack Trace:

which translates to CMMI is available only in English (locale 1033) and the server is German. Back to the drawing board methinks. At least I’ve done something useful on the web now and documented this error. But my work goes on – the next step is to write some XSLT.

And now for something completely different, here is a film we made earlier last year. Live at a job show in Travemunde (Northern Germany), with our ace camera of course (Camera Link version). I helped a bit with the scripting, but most of the work was done by two guys from the Systems Group, Jan H. and Sebastian K. (because they understand optics, lighting and such hardware stuff). They made several of these films with the Visitors. I particular liked this one because it sort of reminds me of Terminator 2:

Ciao, Mark.

p.s. thanks to all the people who gave me super feedback (all positive up until now)!

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