The important things in life: Bandwidth and 3D Printing

Lots of cableTimes change and we change with the times.
Platitudes are always great things to start blogs with :)

You go away for “a bit” and the office does change (even though everyone says nothing changes). Even the important things have changed. The network cable. Without the internet… well best not think about it.

Apparently (from official sources) our facility management layed 10000m of cable (10km!) last year. CAT7 of course. They’re planning to lay 12km this year alone. Part of the renovation of older parts of the building.

Some offices have got new carpet. Personally I liked the coffee stain pattern on the old stuff, but the stains weren’t in the corporate identity.

20150123_100733I also got shown the new 3D printer our construction department got. It’s a Makerbot! Looks a bit more professional than mine from the last post:  I talked to Lars L. (in charge of it) about benchmarking it against my home built version. Can it print playmobil skis better than mine? Mine still has the killer feature of being accessible all over the world from my mobile. It’s all about the features in the end. Good, with this one we can do faster prototyping of our camera cases.

Whilst I was in the area I got to admire our new CNC machine: 20150123_101605 Looks a bit like something out of the medi-deck from aliens. It also cost a B-Movie budget.
20150123_101633It’s huge and you can get physically lost in it. For this reason inside it are direction to the exit (probably for intrepid software developers):  Safety first, from the safety department. I’m telling you; if only Ellen Ripley had followed the green exit signs, the world would have be saved quicker.

Some things haven’t changed. For those of you not satisfied with the virtual world, I’ll leave you with the ever-the-same view from the marketing offices: 20150116_100435

Unfortunately no zombies or aliens. But you can’t have everything.

Ciao, Mark.

P.S. That was a lot of hardware for a software blog. Next time I promise to be more virtual…

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