What's the Best Way to
Assess Image Quality in
Industrial Cameras?

White Paper on Image Quality

Our White Paper clears up which criteria matter most when evaluating image quality in various cameras and what differentiates a good image from a poor one.
When it comes to image quality, cameras can be expected to produce images that are sharp, high-contrast, accurately detailed, color-fast and low in noise. But what's the best way to sort between various cameras to determine which one best satisfies these criteria and will provide you with the best possible image quality?

Our White Paper answers the following questions for you:

  • Can 'digital gain' be used to improve image quality?
  • How can one assess image quality in different cameras?
  • How does one establish neutral conditions for a comparative test of cameras?
  • What influence do factors such as quantity of light, sensor and pixel size, dynamics, SNR and resolution have on image quality?

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