Modern CMOS Cameras
as Replacements for
CCD Cameras

White Paper on Modern CMOS Cameras as Replacements for CCD Cameras

Our White Paper explains the benefits of the new CMOS sensors compared with CCD sensors and indicates when it makes sense to select a camera outfitted with modern CMOS sensors.
Modern CMOS sensors are generally superior to CCD sensors.
This applies not just to price, but also on the technical side, including higher speeds, higher resolution, fewer picture interferences or negligible heat generation. It is also frequently easy to integrate new CMOS-based cameras as a replacement or alternative to CCD-based cameras.

Questions that we'll address in detail in our new White Paper

  • What differentiates CCD from CMOS sensor technology?
  • Why are the newest CMOS sensors superior to CCD sensors?
  • When should one consider changing camera technology?
  • How can I select the right replacement camera?
  • What factors matter most when integrating the latest CMOS-based cameras?
  • What integration costs are involved?

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