How to Find the Right
Camera for Your Image
Processing System?

White Paper on Camera Selection

Our White Paper provides step-by-step instructions on how to find precisely the right camera for your specific image processing system. This starts with two fundamental questions: What do you need to see with your camera, and which properties are needed by the camera to deliver that result?
These two questions form a solid foundation for your search for the right camera. The next steps of the decision-making process involve terms like sensor type, shutter technique, resolution and interface. These and other points influence the quality of the images captured by your application, and as such require careful consideration.

Our White Paper walks you step-by-step through the following decisions:

  • Which camera technology is right for your application?
  • Are monochrome cameras sufficient, or is color required?
  • What role do sensor type, shutter technique and frame rate play?
  • What factors regarding resolution, sensor size and pixel size must be taken into account?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the different interfaces and what's the importance of housing size?
  • What camera features make sense for your application?
  • How can the Basler Camera Selector help you with your choice?

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