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Remote Access (TeamViewer)

You would like to get quick and uncomplicated help? The best thing would be if a Basler employee took a look at our application? Our remote access offers you such help. Just start this link TeamViewer Client and let your Basler support expert know the ID of your session. This allows him to log on to your PC and to help you with your questions. The TeamViewer Client can be used with Windows 32bit/64bit, Linux 32bit/64bit and macOS.

Information for Linux users

Extract the downloaded tar file with the command

“tar –xvf TeamViewerQS_Linux.tar.gz”.

Then go into the extracted  directory with
“cd teamviewerqs”.

Now type in   “./ teamviewer” in order to start the teamviewer.

Please run the team viewer with the same linux user who has extracted the teamviewer tar file.

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