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Discontinued Products

Service and Repair for Discontinued Products

Due to the natural life cycle of cameras, Basler is occasionally forced to discontinue products. According to our discontinuation process, we notify our customers nine months before the Last Time Buy. We then usually allow about three months before the Last Time Shipment.
After being in the machine vision market for more than two decades, Basler knows the consequences of a discontinuation. Therefore, we target providing our standard support and repair service for three years after the Last Time Buy. A certain number of spare parts are kept in stock. Due to unpredictable circumstances in the high technology universe, however, we cannot meet our target in all cases.

Discontinued Cameras

* repair services only for cameras within warranty

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Firewire Cables (IEEE1394a,b,a/b)

December 31, 2015

January 31, 2017

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