PGI: Top Images
from Your Camera Without
Additional Load on
Your CPU

White Paper on the PGI Feature-Set  

Our new White Paper explains to you just how our powerful new in-camera image optimization, known as PGI, works and how it improves your images.
Industrial cameras typically come delivered with a standard set of cameras features for pre-processing image data up to a high quality already in the camera. Basler's new proprietary in-camera feature set PGI goes a step further toward better image quality. PGI deploys a combination of improved sharpness, denoising, color-anti-aliasing and 5x5 debayering.

Questions that we'll address in detail in our new White Paper

  • What features does PGI offer?
  • How do these features work with and without PGI?
  • What impact does PGI have on the captured image?

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