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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Our FAQ database contains answers to some of the most common technical more

  • What is embedded vision?

    More and more vision systems are being built today as embedded vision systems consisting of a board level camera and a processing board. Learn more about this. more

  • Switching from CCD to CMOS

    Learn more about what you need to consider when switching from CCD to CMOS cameras. more

  • BCON – Basler’s Interface for LVDS

    The new interface – BCON by Basler – connects to LVDS-based technology. In combination with Basler’s dart series, BCON allows the leanest and most optimized possible image processing for embedded applications. more

  • PGI-Feature-Set

    With the unique feature set PGI, your camera will produce better images than ever, without putting additional load on your processor. read more

  • USB 3.0 Cameras

    Find out what benefits USB 3.0 cameras provide, for which applications they are suitable and which camera models Basler is offering you. read more

  • Basler Cameras by Comparison

    How good is the image quality of Basler cameras in comparison to competing cameras? We have tested it. You will find the results here! read more

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