Product Availability

We are constantly working on new products and improving on existing ones. To ensure that you as our customer are always up-to-date, we post information about the planned availability of various products here.
You can check the chart to see when a product is available as a Design-in Sample and when it will go into series production. Design-in Samples are available in limited quantities and may not feature the exact same functions as found in the final product. Please contact our Sales team for more information.

Basler ace

Basler dart


Accessories Type Manufacturer Available
GigE Card PCIe AdLink GIE74 with PoE, 4 Ports Cards, Hubs, Switches Other Q2/2017
Aigis Housing HS9480 with Wall Mount Housings Other LTB 28. Feb 2017
Housing TransPac TPH 4000, IP67, PoE Housings Other no longer available
Aigis Housing HS9480 with Pole Mount Housings Other LTB 28. Feb 2017
Housing Videotec Verso Housings Other LTB 28. Feb 2017
Lens TS5014-MP F1.4 f50mm 1" Lenses Other now
Lens TS2514-MP F1.4 f25mm 1" Lenses Other now
Lens TS0814-MP F1.4 f8mm 1" Lenses Other now
Lens TS1214-MP F1.4 f12.5mm 1" Lenses Other now
Lens TS1614-MP F1.4 f16mm 1" Lenses Other now

Basler PowerPacks

PowerPack Model Camera Model Resolution Sensor Interface Processing Board Available
PowerPack for Embedded Vision daA2500-14bc 2592 x 1944 MT9P031 BCON MicroZed 7010 SOM Q1/2017
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