Basler IP-Fixed-Box camera sensor

IP Fixed Box Models

Basler's network camera portfolio includes IP cameras with CCD or CMOS sensors providing resolutions from VGA to 5 megapixels. You'll find that their exceptional image quality and extremely fast frame rates of up to 95 fps make a convincing argument. With their robust metal housings and 109.7 mm x 29 mm x 44 mm dimensions, our network cameras are an ideal choice for your application.
Our surveillance cameras offer you:
  • Resolutions from VGA to 5 megapixels
  • Max. frame rates of up to 95 fps
  • CCD and CMOS sensors
  • Flexible areas of interest (AOIs)
  • MJPEG, MPEG-4, and H.264 (High Profile levels up to 5) video compression
  • DC iris control, PoE, SD card slot
  • ONVIF compliant up to version 1.02
Camera ModelSensor TechnologyResolution
(H x V pixels)
Frame Rate MJPEGFrame Rate H.264
BIP2-1000cCCD1024 x 76830 fps30 fps
BIP2-1000c-dnCCD1024 x 76830 fps30 fps
BIP2-1280cCMOS1280 x 72030 fps30 fps
BIP2-1280c-dnCMOS1280 x 72030 fps30 fps
BIP2-1300cCCD1280 x 96030 fps30 fps
BIP2-1300c-dnCCD1280 x 96030 fps30 fps
BIP2-1600-25cCCD1600 x 120025 fps25 fps
BIP2-1600-25c-dnCCD1600 x 120025 fps25 fps
BIP2-1600cCCD1600 x 120012.5 fps12.5 fps
BIP2-1600c-dnCCD1600 x 120012.5 fps12.5 fps
BIP2-1920-30cCMOS1920 x 108030 fps30 fps
BIP2-1920cCMOS1920 x 108030 fps30 fps
BIP2-1920c-dnCMOS1920 x 108030 fps30 fps
BIP2-2500cCMOS2560 x 1920
1920 x 1440
9 fps
15 fps
9 fps
15 fps
BIP2-2500c-dnCMOS2560 x 1920
1920 x 1440
9 fps
15 fps
9 fps
15 fps
BIP2-640cCCD640 x 48060 fps95 fps
BIP2-640c-dnCCD640 x 48060 fps95 fps



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