Basler racer

Basler racer - The Right Choice

No other line scan camera has so much potential inside. The Basler racer is a true all-rounder — powerful, reliable and ready to work anywhere. Amazingly, the camera's boosted speed, flexibility in integration and image quality are available at a lower price than ever.
Basler racer with different sensors
The market has greeted the Basler racer with tremendous enthusiasm since its launch in 2013. Customers value it for its notable flexibility and excellent value. The costs for the camera and its accessories have all been kept very affordable, meaning that even multi-camera systems can be created at competitive conditions. The different models are designed to cover a wide spectrum of applications, ensuring the racer is suitable for a variety of inspection tasks.
The advantages of the Basler racer at a glance:
The Basler racer is especially well suited for the following applications:



Why Basler racer?

Web inspections

(such as films,

paper, cotton,


- Inspection of dimensional stability

- Detection of even minuscule defects in the material

- Strong sensitivity, reducing false positives

- Ability to work at a wide variety of speeds

- Top performance, even in low light conditions

- Tremendously well suited for multi-camera systems

- Line scan rates of up to 80 kHz

- Resolutions of 2k, 4k, 6k, 8k and 12k pixels

- Strong dynamic range

- Robust construction and low waste heat production

Sorting &


(such as


postal mail,



- Inspection at top speed with zero-error target

- Low-light inspections

- Top price/performance ratio

- Robustness

- Standard components

- Speeds  up to 80 kHz line scan

- Low dark noise levels

- Strong dynamic range

- Compact, space-saving casing

- Flexible mount concept

- Widely available, affordable accessories

- Voltage range from 12-24 V to keep integration extra easy



(such as

underfloor, rail,

overhead line and

container inspections)

- High inspection speed

- Suitable for outdoor applications

- Simple and flexible integration

- Voltage range between 12-24 V  

- Long cable for GigE models

- Robust casing concept

racer Line Scan Camera Series

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