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scout Series

50 models, proven worldwide, versatile
The wide selection of scout models ensures that you will quickly find the right camera for your application. This family is based on a selection of the best Sony CCD sensors, offers a wide variety of resolutions and speeds, and produces outstanding image quality. We also offer models with a high performance CMOS sensor by Aptina. The cameras are available in a variety of housing options and therefore provide maximum flexibility with respect to cost and space requirements.
The advantages of the Basler scout family include:
  • Resolutions from VGA to 2 MP
  • Max. capture rate of 120 fps
  • Standardized GigE and FireWire-b interface
  • Available with a C-mount lens adapter
  • Small, rugged housing for easy integration
  • Fully quality tested and calibrated for consistently high performance and reliability
Camera modelResolution
(H x V pixels)
SensorFrame RateMono/ColorInterface
scA1300-32gc1294 x 964ICX44532 fpsColorGigE
scA1300-32gm1296 x 966ICX44532 fpsMonoGigE
scA1390-17gc1390 x 1038ICX26717 fpsColorGigE
scA1390-17gm1392 x 1040ICX26717 fpsMonoGigE
scA1400-17gc1390 x 1038ICX28517 fpsColorGigE
scA1400-17gm1392 x 1040ICX28517 fpsMonoGigE
scA1400-30gc1390 x 1038ICX28530 fpsColorGigE
scA1400-30gm1392 x 1040ICX28530 fpsMonoGigE
scA1600-14gc1624 x 1234ICX27414 fpsColorGigE
scA1600-14gm1626 x 1236ICX27414 fpsMonoGigE
scA1600-28gc1624 x 1234ICX27428 fpsColorGigE
scA1600-28gm1626 x 1236ICX27428 fpsMonoGigE
scA640-120gc658 x 492ICX618122 fpsColorGigE
scA640-120gm659 x 494ICX618122 fpsMonoGigE
scA640-70gc658 x 492ICX42470 fpsColorGigE
scA640-70gm659 x 494ICX42470 fpsMonoGigE
scA640-74gc658 x 492ICX41479 fpsColorGigE
scA640-74gm659 x 494ICX41479 fpsMonoGigE
scA750-60gc750 x 480MT9V02264 fpsColorGigE
scA750-60gm752 x 480MT9V02264 fpsMonoGigE
scA780-54gc780 x 580ICX41555 fpsColorGigE
scA780-54gm782 x 582ICX41555 fpsMonoGigE
Camera modelResolution
(H x V pixels)
SensorFrame RateMono/ColorInterface
scA1000-30fc1032 x 778ICX20430 fpsColorFireWire-b
scA1000-30fm1034 x 779ICX20430 fpsMonoFireWire-b
scA1300-32fc1294 x 964ICX44532 fpsColorFireWire-b
scA1300-32fm1296 x 966ICX44532 fpsMonoFireWire-b
scA1390-17fc1390 x 1038ICX26717 fpsColorFireWire-b
scA1390-17fm1392 x 1040ICX26717 fpsMonoFireWire-b
scA1400-30fc1390 x 1038ICX28530 fpsColorFireWire-b
scA1400-30fm1392 x 1040ICX28530 fpsMonoFireWire-b
scA1600-14fc1624 x 1234ICX27414 fpsColorFireWire-b
scA1600-14fm1628 x 1236ICX27414 fpsMonoFireWire-b
scA1600-28fc1624 x 1230ICX27428 fpsColorFireWire-b
scA1600-28fm1628 x 1236ICX27428 fpsMonoFireWire-b
scA640-120fc658 x 492ICX618120 fpsColorFireWire-b
scA640-120fm659 x 494ICX618122 fpsMonoFireWire-b
scA640-70fc658 x 492ICX42471 fpsColorFireWire-b
scA640-70fm659 x 494ICX42471 fpsMonoFireWire-b
scA640-74fc658 x 492ICX41474 fpsColorFireWire-b
scA640-74fm659 x 494ICX41474 fpsMonoFireWire-b
scA750-60fc750 x 480MT9V02264 fpsColorFireWire-b
scA750-60fm752 x 480MT9V02264 fpsMonoFireWire-b
scA780-54fc780 x 580ICX41554 fpsColorFireWire-b
scA780-54fm782 x 582ICX41558 fpsMonoFireWire-b



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Basler Lens C125-0418-5M F1.8 f4mm
Basler Lens C125-0618-5M F1.8 f6mm
Basler Lens C125-0818-5M F1.8 f8mm
Basler Lens C125-1218-5M F1.8 f12mm
Basler Lens C125-1620-5M F2.0 f16mm
Basler Lens C125-2522-5M F2.2 f25mm
Lens Computar M0814-MP2 F1.4 f8mm 2/3"
Lens Computar M1214-MP2 F1.4 f12mm 2/3"
Lens Computar M1614-MP2 F1.4 f16mm 2/3"
Lens Computar M2514-MP2 F1.4 f25mm 2/3"
Lens Computar M3514-MP F1.4 f35mm 2/3"
Lens Computar M5018-MP2 F1.8 f50mm 2/3"
Lens Computar M7528-MP F2.8 f75mm 2/3"
Lens Ricoh FL-CC0614A-2M F1.4 f6mm 2/3"
Lens Ricoh FL-CC0814A-2M F1.4 f8mm 2/3"
Lens Ricoh FL-CC1214A-2M F1.4 f12mm 2/3"
Lens Ricoh FL-CC1614-2M F1.4 f16mm 2/3"
Lens Ricoh FL-CC2514-2M F1.4 f25mm 2/3"
Lens Ricoh FL-CC3516-2M F1.6 f35mm 2/3"
Lens Ricoh FL-CC5028-2M F2.8 f50mm 2/3"
Lens Edmund Optics CFFL F1.3 f8.5mm 2/3"
Lens Edmund Optics CFFL F1.8 f12mm 2/3"
Lens Edmund Optics CFFL F1.4 f16mm 2/3"
Lens Edmund Optics CFFL F1.4 f25mm 2/3"
Lens Edmund Optics CFFL F1.7 f35mm 2/3"
Lens Edmund Optics CFFL F2.0 f50mm 2/3"

I/O Cables and/or Power Supply

Power-I/O Cable, HRS 12p/open, twisted, 3 m
Power-I/O Cable, HRS 12p/open, twisted, 5 m
Power-I/O Cable, HRS 12p/open, twisted, 10 m
Power-I/O PLC+ Cable 12p/open, 10 m
Power-I/O Cable, PLC, HRS 12p/open, twisted, 10 m
Power- I/O Cable PLC, HRS 12p/open, twisted, 20 m
Power-I/O Y- Cable, 3 x HRS 12p, 0.3 m
Power Supply 12 V, HRS 12-pin
Connector HRS 12 pin, female

Data Cables

Cable GigE Cat 6, S/FTP, 2xRJ-45, 5 m
Cable GigE Cat 6, S/FTP, 2xRJ-45, 10 m
Cable GigE Cat 6, S/FTP, 2xRJ-45, 20 m
Cable GigE Cat 6, S/FTP, 2xRJ-45, 30 m
Cable GigE Cat 6, S/FTP, 2xRJ-45, 50 m
Cable GigE Cat 6, S/STP, 1x screw lock vertical, DrC, 5 m
Cable GigE Cat 6, S/STP, 1x screw lock vertical, DrC, 10 m
Cable GigE Cat 6, S/STP, 1x screw lock vertical, DrC, 20 m

Cards, Hubs, Switches

GigE Card PCI Intel Pro/1000 GT Desktop Adapter, 1 Port
GigE Card PCIe Intel Pro/1000 PT Dual Port Server Adapter

Housings and Housing Accessories

Housing TransPac TPH 4000, IP67, 90-240V
Housing TransPac TPH 4000, IP67, 24 V
Pole Mount for Housing TransPac TPH 4000

Lens Accessories

Filter adapter for Basler Lens 4 mm
Filter adapter for Basler Lens 6 mm, 8 mm
Set of spare screws for Basler Lenses
Spacer ring 0.1 mm, C-mount
Spacer ring 0.2 mm, C-mount
Spacer ring 0.25 mm, C-mount, brass
Spacer ring 0.5 mm, C-mount
Spacer ring 1 mm, C-mount


Tripod Mount scout
pylon Driver Package
At the "Downloads"-Tab you can download the Basler pylon Camera Software Suite for free. The pylon Software Suite operates with all of our GigE, IEEE 1394 and USB 3.0 cameras and most of our Camera Link cameras. It offers reliable and flexible image data exchange between your Basler cameras and the PC, at a low CPU load. Please find more information on pylon on
Third Party
We list several manufacturers offering compatible products such as software or frame grabbers under the following link.

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