Basler Area Scan Cameras

Basler area scan cameras offer top-quality images and an outstanding price/performance ratio.
No matter what your field, from factory automation and traffic monitoring (ITS) to retail and medical and life sciences, there's a Basler area scan camera that fits your needs perfectly. Select a suitable model for your application from our broad portfolio of area scan cameras.

ace, dart or aviator – The Right Camera for Your Application

The Basler ace and Basler dart camera series are among Basler's best sellers, in no small part thanks to their outstanding price/performance ratio. Both camera series can be outfitted with a variety of CCD and CMOS sensors and various product features, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs. One of the newest members of our product family is the pulse camera series. The Basler pulse stands out for its elegant appearance and is also suitable for a wide range of vision applications.

Our portfolio also includes the aviator, Basler beat, scout and pilot camera series. Just like their smaller siblings, these models are known for their high frame rates and reliably outstanding image quality. The right camera for your application is always at hand.

Shutter Methods

Select a sensor that uses either a rolling shutter or a global shutter. Choosing between these sensors is a matter of evaluating your vision system's needs. Would you like to record fast moving objects? Then a global shutter is recommended. Rolling shutters are typically the more cost-effective solution, especially when the object is not moving.

The Right Interface for Your Application

Thanks to various interface standards such as USB3 Vision, Camera Link and GigE Vision (Gigabit Ethernet), it is  easy to integrate Basler area scan cameras into your application. The camera can be used for applications in a wide range of fields: Medical and Life Sciences, Retail, Traffic (ITS) and Factory Automation.

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