Basler’s Time-of-Flight Camera

Basler’s Time-of-Flight (ToF) Camera provides you with a 2D and a 3D image in one shot. The Basler ToF Camera offers an attractive solution for a wide variety of applications including logistics, factory automation, and biometrics.
How Does a ToF Camera Work?
The measurement principle is based on the time the light needs to travel from the light source to the object and back to the camera; the further the distance, the longer the time taken. Both light source and image acquisition are synchronized in such a way that the distances can be extracted and calculated from the image data.
The Basler ToF Camera Highlights at a glance:
  • Resolution: 640 px x 480 px (NIR)
  • Frame Rate: 20 fps
  • Working Range: 0 m to 13 m
  • Accuracy: +/- 1cm (Scene dependent)
  • Interface: Gigabit Ethernet, GigE Vision and GenICam compliant
  • Lens: 57°h x 43°v
  • Software: Windows and Linux compatible
  • Easy to integrate and use
  • Total system cost reduction
  • 3D modeling possible
  • NIR LED’s used
  • Optimized for indoor applications
Camera modelResolution
(H x V pixels)
SensorFrame RateInterface
ToF640-20gm_850nm640 x 480Panasonic20 fpsGigE
ToF Software
At the "Downloads" tab, you can download the Basler ToF software for free. The ToF software is available for both Windows as well as for x86-based Linux systems. In addition to the GigE Vision drivers the software package contains the Basler pylon Viewer, which can be used to configure the ToF camera and adjust the settings to your specific needs. The Basler ToF software is based on the GenICam standard and allows access to the camera via the standardized interface GenTL. A comprehensive collection of C ++ and C # sample code demonstrates how to integrate the camera into your application. Please find more information on the ToF software and the respective versions in the release notes.

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Accuracy of the Basler ToF Camera

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