Basler 3D Cameras

Maximize the Performance of your System using the Third Dimension
3D image processing has been a fast-growing entrant on the markets for industrial image processing, opening up an ever-growing range of possibilities. Yet existing industrial 3D solutions are too complex and expensive for many "simple" 3D applications. Basler is now offering 3D technology suitable for the mass market: With the Basler ToF camera we help our customers lower their total system costs and design their 3D applications more efficiently.

Basler ToF Camera

The Basler ToF camera is a 3D camera that functions based on the Time-of-Flight principle. It comes delivered fully calibrated with integrated optics and a GigE interface. It captures the spatial dimensions of scenes and objects instantly and entirely without moving components as laser scanners for example. That makes the ToF camera more robust and less susceptible to interference.

Typical Applications

Factory Automation
  • Optimization of production processes
  • 3D dimensioning, scanning and inspection
  • Bin picking

  • Stacking of boxes and pallets
  • Volume measurements
  • Labeling
  • Intelligent warehousing/shelf organization
  • Luggage/carton sorting and routing

  • Bin picking
  • Visual safety systems
  • Automation of production processes

Autonomous Vehicles
  • Navigation
  • Obstacle avoidance

Video on the Basler ToF Camera

Our video will show you the benefits of the Basler ToF Camera as well as the camera's key features and its most suitable applications.
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