Lens Edmund Optics CFFL F1.3 f8.5mm 2/3"

Edmund Optics C-mount lens with a fixed focal length of 8.5 mm and an iris range of F1.3 - F16.

This high-end 2/3" lens is suitable for demanding machine vision applications with short working distances.

In combination with sensors CMV 2000, IMX 249 and IMX 174 increased vignetting can occur depending on the characteristics of the application.

Order Number: 2000035065
Accessory Type: Lenses
Lens Manufacturer: Edmund Optics
Mount: C
Max. Image Circle: 2/3"
Focal Length: 8.5 mm
Iris Range: F1.3 - F16
Iris: manual iris
Min. Object Distance: 200 mm

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