December 6, 2016

              Y-Cable for Use of All I/Os on Basler ace Cameras with the Latest CMOS Sensors without Interferences

              The ace GigE cameras with Sony’s IMX sensors and the PYTHON sensors from ON Semiconductor and all ace USB 3.0 cameras have two I/O types: direct coupled GPIO and opto-coupled I/O. Our new Y-cable allows you to use both types simultaneously without the opto-coupled I/Os interfering with the GPIO signals due to crosstalk. There are two separate wires to split both I/O types. The two wires on the Y-cable have different colors to distinguish between them (GPIO = yellow, opto-I/O = blue).The cables are 10 meters long with open ends so that they can be shortened individually to fit your application.

              For all ace GigE cameras (with/without GPIO) the GPIO cable also supplies power to the camera. This design allows a separate wiring of trigger signal and power.

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