January 6, 2014

              Why Switch to Basler USB 3.0 Cameras?

              Switch to Basler USB 3.0 Cameras

              Many customers are wondering whether it's time to upgrade to USB 3.0. Basler's sees the switch to USB 3.0 cameras as a clear winner:
              • Our products are 100% compliant with the USB Vision standard, which goes far beyond simple USB 3.0 compatibility. For you, the difference is the ability to configure the camera via GenICAM 2.0 as well as simplified integration of your software and the freedom to use of standardized cables.
              • We've developed our own USB3 Vision driver and built up a strong in-house knowledge base. For top performance, combine the new USB technology with our pylon 4 Camera Software Suite.
              • We offer our 'Basler USB 3.0 Recommendations' and technical application descriptions (such as "USB 3.0 Host Controller's Maximum Bandwidth Measurements") to help prevent potential problems related to inefficient combinations of cables, host controllers and hubs.
              • Our Basler ace USB 3.0 cameras work with our tried-and-tested frame buffer concept and are USB-IF certified electronics components. This ensures top reliability, all developed from start to finish in-house at Basler.
              For more information, simply contact our Basler Sales Team or your local Basler Distribution Partner.

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